Tuesday, 22 November 2016


On the 23rd. June 2016 the United Kingdom had a Referendum regarding their continued membership of the EU. The people who wanted us to stay in the single market and allow the free movement of people, while continuing to be controlled by the EU, voted REMAIN and they LOST. The people who wanted immigration restricting and controlling, even if it meant not having direct access to the single market, and control of our own affairs voted LEAVE and they WON with a decisive majority. The Government were given a clear mandate to get on with the task so why are they listening to winging remainers and lobbyists and not just getting on with carrying out the will of the people.

From what I can see very little has been achieved and this has allowed the remoaners and their supporters to regroup and given others a chance to work on what obstacles they can put in the way of a smooth BREXIT.

We hear so much about the importance of the single market to us, with its 500million customers, but after 40 years we have a monthly deficit of nearly £7billion. You would have expected that we would have developed a healthy trading position rather than a dependency. When we joined the Common Market our manufacturing was 20% of GDP and now it is less than 10% of GDP. The National Debt stands at over £1.78trillion which costs us £48 billion a year just to service.

We need to use the opportunity presented to us by BREXIT to increase our manufacturing base, reduce our dependency on imports, regain control of our trade and government budget deficits, stop uncontrolled borrowing and reduce our debt liability and put the UK back on track to true INDEPENDENCE.

James Hancock.


A Good Common Man

( Because of what happens when “good men do nothing“ Edmund Burke)

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016



I see the Brexit leave vote as an exciting and challenging prospect for the UK. After over 40 years of membership of the EU the UK has been left in a serious financial state supported by out of control borrowing.

If we vote to leave the EU we will be free to invest the £10 billion saved from our membership, the £14 billion from the Foreign Aid budget and money saved from the trade deficit to form an Investment fund, the Lions Den, to support through loans or overdraft guarantee schemes, business plans and possible management buyout plans securing the future and development of our manufacturing sector. This would reduce our imports, provide skilled jobs, reduce our benefits costs and increase our tax income.

We would continue to meet our foreign aid commitments but instead of supplying money we would supply manufactured goods and backup services. If you give a man a fish you feed him and his family for a day but if you give him the right equipment and teach him how to us it he feeds his family for the rest of time. Most of the countries that we want to help don’t want long term charity that they become dependant on, they actually want help to get back on their feet and have a pride in being able to feed their own families. From reports that I have seen, harrowing scenes of scorched earth, people trying to scratch together enough to feed themselves and their families and animals dying, the one thing that seems to link them all together is the lack of clean water. We can manufacture desalination plants, irrigation pumps, filtration equipment, pipe work, tractors, implements, disease resistant seed that will grow in harsh environments and the technology to make it all work. Whole communities can be independent producing enough food for their own needs and some over to sell or trade to get other items that they need for a quality of life. Once the model is up and working it can be rolled out to many other communities. We have helped to feed the world in the past and this would be a chance to help the world feed itself. 

James Hancock.

A Good Common Man.

( Because of what happens when “good men do nothing“ Edmund Burke)

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016



Does anybody really care about what happens to the UK after the referendum vote on Thursday 23rd. June 2016 ?

I care passionately about what happens to the UK and what is going to happen to it after the referendum vote has been decided. Nobody wants to listen to ordinary people, they seem prepared to be taken in by the politicians and their personal agendas. I voted to stay in the Common Market at the last referendum and after finding out that we were actually lied to by the politicians I will not be making the same mistake again. I fear that if we vote to remain we will be absorbed as a federal state of a Franco-German EU, the National Debt will continue to increase to a point where it can not be supported anymore and we have to ask for a bailout.

On the other hand, if we vote to leave we can concentrate our efforts and resources into supporting and increasing our manufacturing base to initially cover our own consumption and use, allowing us to reduce our imports, reduce our benefits bill and increase our tax income for essential services. If EU countries want to continue to trade with us then they will have to be prepared to offer reciprocal arrangements.

Nigel Farage cares about what happens to the UK after the referendum vote. His whole existence is based around the fact that the referendum is happening at all with his setting up of UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, the clue is in the name, and getting members elected as MEPs, Members of the European Parliament, to keep us informed of what is actually happening and to fight for our ever decreasing corner. As a working man I am more likely to believe somebody, who operates at the coal face, who is talking from practical experiences and who is prepared to talk himself and his colleagues out of a well paid job. I find it hard to believe how politically motivated members of the Vote Leave campaign have been allowed to treat him in the way that they have rather than using his inside knowledge of the EU to their advantage.

James Hancock.

A Good Common Man.

( Because of what happens when “good men do nothing“ Edmund Burke)


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We were promised a Referendum that would be non political, where the people of the UK were given the facts about our current membership of the EU and what we could expect if we were to continue, and what would be the reasons for us to leave the EU and the advantages of  becoming an independent country making our own way in the world. People could then make a rational decision on what they thought would be best for the country as a whole and their own family, friends, colleagues and communities in particular. What we have ended up with is politicians fighting amongst themselves, giving us their versions of what is important and using tactics like scaremongering  to try to achieve their goals. While this is going on they appear to be missing what the real problem is and what we can do to solve it.

In reality “ THE REAL PROBLEM IS ” that the UK is effectively “ BANKRUPT ”. After 40years as a member of the EU the UK’s NATIONAL DEBT is £1.7tn., that is £1,700,000,000,000, over £27,000 for every man, woman and child or over £47,000 for every tax-payer, and it is currently increasing at the rate of £5,170 per second. We currently pay £48 billion pounds each year, 8% of what we collect in taxes, to Bankers and investors to service this debt and it is set to increase to £60 billion by the year 2020.

Current figures from the ONS for April 2016 issued on 09/06/2016 show that the UK imported £19.1 billion from the EU, equivalent to £294 per head and exported £12 billion to the EU, equivalent to £24 per head, making us a net importer of £7.1, money that has to be borrowed and adds to our National Debt. Our total trade exports were £25 billion showing that less than half of our exports actually go to the EU.

We need positive action to stop reckless borrowing that achieves nothing and makes things worse, hidden behind a screen of smoke and mirrors. 

James Hancock.

A Good Common Man.

( Because of what happens when “good men do nothing“ Edmund Burke)

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Thursday, 16 June 2016



The main thing that will loose the “leave campaign” a unanimous vote in the referendum is the people’s fear of what to expect in “ life after the EU Vote ”. Unfortunately it is a fact that “frightened people always vote for the bully” and we know who the bully is in this matter despite the “in campaign” claiming that fear would play no part in their campaign. The people need to be given both sides of the argument in clear language that ordinary people can understand to allow them to make an independent decision on what they think is best for the UK as a whole and them and their family and friends in particular.

The “leave campaign” have to be seen to be singing off the same hymn sheet. It is the message that matters more than the messenger and ordinary people are not going to support a cause just because they recognise the person giving it. A number of people are keen to tell us what life could be like if we vote to stay in the EU, much of the same as we have experienced over the last 40 years, but nobody seems as keen to tell us what “life outside of the EU” will be like for the ordinary people. What are the main problems and what is leaving going to do to help us solve them Introducing a few new laws and redirecting some of the savings from the membership cost to the NHS isn’t going to cut it for those who want to know how living standards will be affected for the ordinary people.

Ordinary people can see the possibility that things might change for them if they vote to leave the EU as their lives have been better than they are today. They are only ordinary people and nobody listens to them, especially the political class, but now they have a chance to be heard but whether anybody will actually listen to them is a different story. The Vote Leave people need to listen to their concerns and give reassurances to these ordinary people.

James Hancock.

A Good Common Man.

( Because of what happens when “good men do nothing“ Edmund Burke)

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Having been a member of the EU for over we have been left with a national debt of over £1.7 trillion that is increasing at the rate of over £5,000 per. second and costs us £48 billion each year just to service, which adds to the government budget deficit, a trading deficit with the EU that costs us over £7 billion each month and the population of the UK currently increasing by 500,000 each year.

The reality of the matter is that “ The EU Model doesn’t work for the UK ”. We need to free ourselves from the system that is causing this and Leave the EU. If we decide to remain a member of the EU we will be absorbed as a federal state of a Franco-German dominated EU, the membership rules will be changed and our rebate and grants in danger, making the £360m per. week just a minimum figure. If we want to object or change anything we will be told that we had our chance and chose to be ruled by the EU.

I do not want us to adopt the model chosen by Norway, not even the model chosen by Switzerland but ironically I would like us to adopt the model chosen by Germany which made them the largest manufacturer and exporter in the EU. When Germany was having financial problems some years ago they chose a model which concentrated all their efforts and resources on developing a manufacturing base which allowed them to produce enough for their own needs, reducing their dependency on imports and only importing what they couldn’t produce for themselves, and then more to be able to export. David Cameron is on record as having admired the model adopted by Germany but chose to ignore adopting free trade over fair trade with the consequences that we are now faced with. Allowing dairy farmers, who in some cases are second or even third generation, to loose there farms and traditional livelihoods so that we can import milk from France is not my version of being British.

James Hancock.

A Good Common Man.

( Because of what happens when “good men do nothing“ Edmund Burke)

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016



We hear a lot of different views about future trading with the EU and our access to the market with 550m customers. Wolfgang Schauble has slammed the door on UK access to the single market. It should be brought to people’s attention that as far as the EU should be concerned we are a customer. Latest statistics, produced on 9th. June 2016, show that during April 2016 we imported £19.1bn. from the EU and exported £12bn. to the EU, making us a net importer of £7.1bn., this is just for one month and is an increase over the previous month and over April 2015.

The reality of the matter is that even as a non member country I cannot see that countries like Germany are going to want to stop supplying cars and commercial vehicles, France its milk and produce, Spain its fruit, Denmark its bacon to name a few. Spain, Greece and Portugal are not going to want to stop the lucrative holiday business. Therefore there is going to have to be some form of reciprocal trading agreements, either collectively or as individuals.

We buy more off the other 27 countries that they buy off us and after 40 years of being a member of this trading organisation you would have expected it to at least be on an equal basis and not constantly operating as a trading deficit. As these trading deficits have to be paid for by borrowing and that contributes to our National Debt. This type of situation cannot continue for much longer and it is time to face up to the fact that the EU model does not work for the UK.

The Government is going to have to have to stop spending UK taxpayers money abroad and consider the consequences of their actions. I would rather see the police driving around in Nissans, Toyotas and Discovery 4X4s manufactured in the UK and providing UK manufacturing jobs, than being in BMWs.

James Hancock.


A Good Common Man.

( Because of what happens when “good men do nothing“ Edmund Burke)

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